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The idea of establishing a specialized and elite force for the rescue of downed aircrews grew out of three interlocked circumstances just before the Second World War: (1) a deep‑seated European belief in the sanctity of life, (2) the high …Continue reading

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NACA and Documenting of Progress in Aerodynamics

The aeronautical research that the NACA between 1915 and 1958 undertook found dissemination in a complex set of technical publications that the agency made available to all on an equal basis. Most NACA research was accomplished “in-house” by scientists or …Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “To Command the Skies”

指挥天空:争斗为空中优势德国, 1942-1944. By Stephen L. McFarland and Wesley Phillips Newton. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1991. Although now some 25 years old this book is still the state of the …Continue reading

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Women Computers at the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory

随着关注隐藏的人偶已经在后期的媒体收到的非裔美国人在月球竞赛期间为NASA工作的女性电脑的故事终于开始被告知。虽然影片的故事与许多自由...Continue reading

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我们如何保全登月研究机构(LLRF)的历史?这是一个问题有密切关系。坐落在NASA兰利研究中心在弗吉尼亚州汉普顿市的LLRF始建于1965年的350万$的代价。它是 …Continue reading

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凯瑟琳·斯廷森(1891-1977)是不完全是一个家喻户晓的名字,但没有当她是女的面部在美国航空业的时间。航空的早期爱好者,凯瑟琳·斯廷森学会了从开拓传单最大莉莉飞...Continue reading

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约翰·格伦(1921年至2016年)已经服务了一辈子的国家和他在地球上的人类同胞后,离开了我们。约翰·格伦H.小曾担任1962年2月20日水星 - 宇宙神6号(友谊7号)的任务,美国第一个轨道上的航天员...Continue reading

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Jesse Brown and the Integration of Naval Aviation

Jesse Leroy Brown (1926-1950) is little known today but as a naval aviator he gained famed. As a little boy growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, he wanted to become a pilot. One day Brown was watching an airplane flying above and …Continue reading

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The Wildness of World Airways under Edward J. Daly

There is wild, no doubt, and then there is World Airways wild. This company was the brainchild of Edward J. Daly, an iconoclast whose management and leadership made the corporation, based in Oakland, California, into one of the most important …Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Book Review: “Flying Man: Hugo Junkers and the Dream of Aviation”

飞侠:雨果·容克斯和航空梦. By Richard Byers. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2016. There is no doubt but that Hugo Junkers is a major figure in the history of aviation in the first third …Continue reading

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